Your best friend....

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Your best friend....

Post by Sandra »

How did you meet your best friend?

What keeps you friends now?

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29 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child I was put into the hospital with Toxemia I was very sad to be there and was not looking forward to being in a room with someone who had already had there baby.. the girl they put me with was also still pregnant with her first child and she had Toxemia too.. Her name is Kathy and turns out we went to high school with her husband and graduated with him.. We have been friends ever since .. The years have just flown by . She recently moved 150 miles away . makes me very sad..

What keeps us friends ? years of standing by each other.. seeing each other through everything from a child's drugs addiction to family deaths ..

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we met in 1999/2000 at KP online. we were friends but our friendship really didn't take off until KP went and BrainFuse came in it's place. when my mother got ill then died that's when AmeliaJade and i really got to know each other.

i went to Japan to finally meet her in September 2005. best trip EVER! it was a 3 week long sleepover slumber party. it was like we've been bestest best friends since birth. we are that close. her kids are awesome and i love and adore her husband, PirateSreve. he's kickass!!!!

i visited her once more in March of 2006 and it was like no time had passed between the two visits. we have a lot in common personality wise. we think of the same things at the same time! we also say things at the same time! it's uncanny because the SECOND i stepped off the plane and went down the stairs and saw her? i was perfectly and instantly at ease and it was like i knew her my whole, entire life.

we are different in a lot of ways but we love about each other! it doesn't bother me any of the things that she thinks that with anyone else i would HATE and have hated!!!! *LOL*

we are still BFF because we really are family for each other. she is my sister!!!! we email a lot because she's in Japan for now. but i can't WAIT for her and her family to move back to the United States. there isn't anyone who makes me feel better about myself and my life than her. when i'm down and i hate myself...she tells me simply that she loves me. and that's enough. knowing i have her is sometimes all that i feel i have to live for in life. she's my rock, my sister, my Nerd Soul Mate.

and i wonder every single day why i couldn't have met her in elementary school so we could have been buds for the last like 25-30 years!
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Doug and I met in August of 1992 and have been close friends ever since. We met on the job, which is where I meet the majority of my real-life friends. Common interests keep us together, since we no longer work together anymore.
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Post by Sarah »

I have two.

Nicky and I were really good friends in 3rd grade, then we stopped having classes together and fell out of touch until our freshmen year of college. We discovered that we were at the same school with the same majors/minors and we've been inseperable ever since. She's the best friend I've ever had, we are very much alike and as another friend would say "attached at the hip". She's the person I go to when I have a problem and is always there for me.

Then there's Derek. He was my "big brother" (like a mentor) when I decided to pledge a business fraternity, and he truly has become like a brother to me. The two of us have NO secrets from one another, he knows things about me that I've never told anyone, and I guess a lot of our frienship is based on how we know the most personal things about one another. I love him differently than I love anybody else in the world, and I don't know what I'd do without him.
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