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Postby van » Tue Jul 03, 2007 6:24 pm

Kia ora

"Over the Hill" describes an older person often used in a derogatory manner
People climb hills to gain a vantage view of the surrounding terrain and when looking back are able to see the way in which they have come to their present vantage point
Once over the hill, that vision is lost
When I look back I see that despite many gains, I fear that our losses far outweigh any gains made
Rather then having made the world a better place I fear that it has become an illusion as men in their unbridled search for power and wealth have lost sight of the important things in life

The world is less safe now then when it was 50 - 100 yrs ago as nations continue to build stockpiles of weapons, spending more on that pursuit then on seeking to stem the tide of illness
Rather then seeking to assist the impoverished in improving their lot, continued exploitation is the name of the game

Overfishing, environmental damage, polution threaten our longterm (short term?) existence, yet the ever increasing desire to have in excess, numbs the people to see where it is all heading
About 30 yrs ago I wrote a little satire entitled "The last Rainbow" and tho in a humorous vein, I am surprised how apt it is in todays climate

I might be "over the hill" yet harbour no ilusions about the tenuous reality in which so many wrap themselves nowadays
Not unlike that portrayed by the 3 monkeys, ignorance and arrogance seems to be hallmark of society today and my belief is, not until it is too late, will any attempt be made to rectify the situation

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Postby pilvikki » Sun Jul 08, 2007 9:33 pm

well, it has always been the goverment's job to start issuing dire warnings, stern commands, set up guidelines etc about a decade after even a preschooler knows something is amiss.

why do we even have governments, apart from spending money on themselves?
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