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Postby forumadmin » Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:54 pm

The idea is not new to our board, but I want to be certain that our current members as well as prospective members know about the Private Group feature of our board. This doesn't get advertised a lot, but it has been with us from day one. If a legitimate request is made to the administrator, a private forum can be created. Only members of a select group may participate in the private forum. The moderator of the group can determine who is invited or allowed to remain in the group. Plus, the forum itself can be made invisible to all but the group members.

A private group/forum can be created for many reasons. The most obvious would be for journal writers who only want a select readership. Perhaps people of a special interest would want to restrict viewing of their forum to like minded individuals. Or, perhaps you have been displaced from some other forum and would like to set up an alternate residence without going through the trouble of creating a board of your own. The possibilities are limitless.

For more information and assistance contact the site administrator <a href=""></a>, or send a Private Message with your request to me (Yogi).
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