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Postby van » Mon Apr 02, 2007 6:09 am

Kia ora

History, the ascendency and degeneracy of nations, peoples and ideas
But as has been said so often, "History repeats itself"
Today, upstart nations, measuring their lifetime in mere decades, appear to have the ascendency, having suppressed nations that have lagged due to exploitation/occupation
However those nations/cultures which measure their history in not decades, but centuries, are flexing their muscles
In particular, I think of China and Iran (Persia),Iraq , even the Indian and other Far East peoples and Nations
When Europe was still dwelling in caves, these civilisations were well established
Having been exploited, divided, they are now starting to twist the tail of the oppressor
Look at the way jobs are being "outsourced"
The economic giants, ever in search of greater wealth, seek to utilise low wages and pathetic conditions to fill their coffers with filthy lucre, little realising that they are signing their own deathwarrants
Within offshore outsourcing lies the need to export technology, thus giving those nations a "leg up" to examine and duplicate not only the technology,but even improve on it, thus rapidly overtaking the technology presented to them(to those sceptical of anything "non-western" being able to exceed western education, I remind you of what the West learned from those nations in the past)
There once was a time when the West took from these nations their technology/knowledge and used it to devastating effect to colonise and extract wealth, but now I see the wheel a'turning
In general the West has become complacent, fat, consumer orientated, with "I want it NOW "mentality, leading to its demise
Mind, I daresay that in time, the wheel will turn another revolution, and we will see the change reverse itself
Somehow however, if those nations recall their history and the way it was plundered, I have serious reservations that they would allow the West to once again gain the ascendency
Still, I suppose there will always be the "Billy-Joe" mentality that will regard the option to "nuke the bastards back into the stone-age" to upset my perceptions
By all means comment, but seriously only, for else I shall have to resort to "taking the piss"

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Postby AJRC_CS » Mon Apr 02, 2007 3:12 pm

I agree. China is older than the UK and the US put together. They had civilisation while we still lived in caves.

I watch China very carefully, i have a few news feeds just on the "Red Giant." It's interesting to see how far they've come in a very short space of time, and the UK is somewhat to blame for this. Before 1997 China was a very, very Communist country and because of this their economy was very poor. But good old Maggie Thatcher put stop to all that, in 1984 she signed the Sino-British Declaration which gave Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997. Suddenly China had a city with an huge, incredibly fast economy. Capitalism before had been suppressed but they couldn't stop it from spreading from Hong Kong. Soon the whole nation was turned upside down and went from being very Communist to very nationalist over night. Ten years ago their military was a joke, now they have one of the most advanced militaries in the world, and the biggest. China has started buying huge companies here in the UK and the US, ten years ago it was the other way round! Instead of importing all their advanced technology, they now export it to the same countries they bought it from ten years ago.

If China can do it, then so can countries like Russia, Iran and Iraq.

China is spending huge amounts of money on alternative fuel sources. When the west's oil runs dry, who will be the super power then? It certainly won't be a western nation that's for sure.

I think it's the western nations that are repeating the same mistakes of the past, while the nations of the east seem to be rewriting history. Will this be a problem for future generations? Maybe! Will our children's children become the oppressed instead of the oppressors? This is a worry i have, are we hurting our children's future by being small minded and greedy in the present? Only time will tell.
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