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Forum Guidelines

Postby forumadmin » Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:27 pm

The Politics and Government forum is for an exchange of ideas related to politics and government. Ideas expressed in this forum may be personal matters of belief which is founded on an emotional foundation. Thus, due to the possible sensitivity of the topics all participants are reminded to strictly adhere to our site's Code of Conduct, and to give due respect to the individuals participating in these discussions.

While we do not require a strict protocol of debate herein, each participant would do well to at least attempt to follow these general guidelines for debate:
  • Be precise as you can in presenting your arguements. This will reduce the possibility of misinterpretation of your comments and statements.
  • Avoid generalizations in that they are rarely true. Use of stereotypes and cliches do not advance the arguement nor do they lend credibiilty to the poster of such.
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion. Clearly state whether a comment is an opinion. If you are quoting fact, cite the source.
  • Present your arguements logically. Critical analysis is a plus in any discussion. Confine your arguements to the topic at hand, and do not attack the messenger. Make no assumptions about claims that are popular or supported by the masses. They may not be valid.

Useful soruce material:
LOGICAL DEBATE: ... troduction

As always, discussions that dedgenerate into flaming will be locked, and everyone in this forum is expected to comply with Brainformation's Code of Conduct.
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