Jesus tomb found, says film-maker

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Jesus tomb found, says film-maker

Postby AJRC_CS » Tue Feb 27, 2007 4:03 pm

Has anyone seen this on the news? Hollywood film director James Cameron claims he's found the tomb that belonged to Jesus and his family. Apparently DNA has proven that this is the case. Tests show that Jesus was buried with Mary Magdalene, clearly showing they were a couple.

Not sure about this until i see the evidence myself, at the moment Cameron is trying to sell his documentary to the highest bidder so his motives are suspect. Obviously Christians have come out straight away without even seeing any proof and said it's all bull. It maybe bull, but it's also bull to deny something without seeing any of the proof they say they've found. But it's an interesting story and i will be keeping a close eye on it. ... 397373.stm
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