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APEC Conference

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:12 pm
by ClaireM
Later this year we, Australia that is, are to host the APEC Conference. A bunfight at which the Pacific Nations gather to discuss - God Knows What - because nothing seems to come of these fiascos.
Every head of state and their wives flit around and have their photos taken in the clothes provided by the host nation. Usually some God awful rigout that bears no resemblance to the national costume of the host country. As we have not got a "national costume" as such it will be interesting to see what has been designed for this debacle. It will not be hot enough for bekinis, country (bush?) clobber or anything at all really. Actually, the purpose of this email is to familiarise you and anybody else you may like to send it to, of how ludicrous the whole thing has become. Mainly because of the visit of one man and the lengths his government will go to protect him from some perceived danger.

Australia is probably the most safe country in the world for people to visit. Oh, we do have incdidents of accidents and even murder of visitors and everyone is appalled. However, usually heads of state can visit and nobody gives a rat's arse about them. Even LBJ came to this country during the Vietnam war and the streets were lined with people yelling "All the Way with LBJ". I remember going to see his small motorcade on it's way to the airport with the Gmen outriders, etc. He stopped the 'cade and stuck his head out of the sunroof and addressed the crowd for about five or ten minutes. No body had told the Secret Service and they all blundered out of the cars with their hands inside their jackets and once again nobody gave a rodent's rear end. He got a rousing reception and then took himself off to fly out. Mind you, some dastardly fellow had thrown a can of paint over his car when he had gone to visit a friend. But at least he got that close and it wasn't a bomb.

Now Mr. Bush and his entourage - which seems to contain as many people as one of the smaller states in America - and the streets are blocked, the skys are a no go area, and, worst of all, the bloody Harbour Bridge is to be sealed off while this and the other clowns cross it with sirens blaring and whistles blowing. All this in a busy work period when people are trying to get to work, which is difficult at any time in a city like Sydney which, at it's best, is a dog's breakfast.

The city hotels are screaming because of the loss they will experience when people choose to defer their visits. The Sydney-ites are to be given a public holiday so their will be less congestion and "less inconvenience" for the travelling public. B......T!

Oh, and yes, the Pres has decided he has to come two days earlier - some pressing business back home. Right. God know why he is coming at all. That means the whole thing will start two days earlier for him. I guess he will be going home two days earlier than the rest of the gang.

Why this whole thing could not have been handled in Canberra, the nations capitol instead of Sydney is a mystery. Why the hell everyone seems to think Sydney is the capitol of Australia is another mystery. It is a nightmare to get around and, I should think, to provide security in. Oh, well, another of Life's Little Mysteries, I guess. Like why is GWB coming?

Anyway, I am including a website where you can read all about it, if you so desire: ... ing-circus

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:59 pm
by bermbits
If you haven't checked it out, most everyone went over to the new place:

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:23 pm
by ClaireM
Thanks. I have reposted it. :D