The Wild West

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The Wild West

Postby van » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:58 am

Kia ora

The area where I live is "wild" in many respects, topographically,watersheds, the coast, and to some extent the population
Our Prime Minister refers to us as "feral" :D , a badge that many of us wear with pride!
The economy is predominant with mining coal and gold, agriculture, fishing and tourism
Sawmilling used to be another economic mainstay, till indigenous forestry was banned
The people reflect the hard life, hence the "feral" discription
Currently I have been fortunate to have been lent a book "The Heritage and Environment of Coal Gorge", a history of the development of coal mining going back to the mid 1800's
Fascinating reading, many fotos to enable one to picture what the area used to look like at that time
Because of this development, the place is littered with abondoned ventures, many long since overgrown, yet this book at least gives some indication where some of those remnants may be found
Must attempt to get my hands on some more books detailing what took place all those decades ago
As the older generation dies off, much of this knowledge is lost, and has not been adequately preserved
A neighbour of mine has related to me how his father, panning a stream that disappeared down a sinkhole, gained 9 oz of gold in 4 hrs
Due to nature of the terrain and the unpredictable weather, he was not game to go down the sinkhole, where undoubtedly much more gold would have collected
So somewhere, 50 miles north from here, in some forgotten corner, perhaps a small fortune awaits someone who will take the time and effort to try and retrace his steps
Still, I suppose a story such as that, will often be retold and become a legend, till someone has a go at finding it

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