Image Posting Guidelines

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Image Posting Guidelines

Postby forumadmin » Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:14 pm

Image Posting Guidelines

This forum is being offered as a gallery for member supplied images. Keep in mind that the Brainformation Code of Conduct applies to pictures as well as text, and anything deemed offensive will be removed without prior notice.

All posts must comply with copyright laws. Direct posting of text or images, as well as links to images, movies, music, or any other multimedia material which falls under copyright protection laws, is allowed providing permission from the copyright holder is obtained in advance. It is the responsibility of the poster to obtain permission to publish copyrighted material, and to provide proof of such permission to this site's management on demand.

Since we are using forums as photo galleries, I am asking all posters of images to keep in mind the visual limitations inherant in the format of our forums. In order to preserve the traditionial look, I ask all posters to keep the image width to 800 pixels or less. This will prevent the need for certain viewers to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the entire picture, and it will keep the look of the forum clean.

The BBCode used on our site will only accept graphic files with the extension .jpg or .gif.

NOTE: The Brainformation Graphic Resizing and Upload Tool is unavailable for the time being.
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