Message Board Forum Guidelines

Use this bulletin board to post public messages to individual members. This is not a Chat Room nor is it intended to replace Private Messaging.

Message Board Forum Guidelines

Postby forumadmin » Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:40 am

The Message Board forum is provided to give our members a space in which they may post messages for individuals, or perhaps groups of individuals. Unlike the other forums on this site, this Message Board is not intended to generate discussion of specific topics. Notices or queries regarding members of Brainformation are appropriate here. The content of the messages should be such that it is suitable for viewing by all Brainformation members.

This forum is open to the general membership and is not intended to to replace Private Messaging, nor is it a chat room. The Code of Conduct applies to all posts herein, and the moderators will keep close watch on the content.
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