Flame Throwers Forum Guidelines

What fries your fritters? Almost anything goes here. Rant, rave, and get it off your chest. Topics may be controversial and contain adult content. THIS FORUM MAY CONTAIN PROFANITY

Flame Throwers Forum Guidelines

Postby forumadmin » Mon Nov 27, 2006 10:57 am

The Flame Throwers forum is for the expression of thoughts on almost any topic. The primary goal in this forum is to provide space in which people may freely spar, rant, rave, and get it off their chest. Due to the very nature of this forum, topics may be controversial and contain adult content.

We encourage eveyone to use this space to vent and release whatever pent up feelings they might have. While the rules of engagement are somewhat lax here, abuse, threats of violence, or anything defamatory directed toward individual members of Brainformation is considered a violation of our Code of Conduct and prohibited.

Topics that degenerate to an exchange of personal attacks will be temporarily locked at the site administrator's discretion. If posters in this forum need to butt head to head over a locked topic, we recommend doing so via Private Messages.
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