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A forum for pointed and structured discussions of any topic. The rules of engagement are more rigorously enforced here than in the other forums.

Forum Guidelines

Postby forumadmin » Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:58 pm

The Debate and Discussion forum is provided for those Brainformatioin members who enjoy a thorough exploration of ideas on any given topic. This forum differs slightly from the general discussions elsewhere in that here the topics should be discussed in a more structured context. Topic drift, hijacking of topics, chat, and violations of the Code of Conduct in general will be grounds for removal of replies. Keep in mind that this forum is for discussion. Questions, other than rhetorical ones, and random thoughts should be posted in their appropriate forums elsewhere on Brainformation.

We do not expect participants in this forum to be scholars nor must they follow strict protocol for debate. However, a degree of diciplined discussion is expected. Comments and replies not directly contributing to the progress of the debate are strongly discouraged. Replies deemed by the moderators and administrators to constitute topic drift, hijacking, flaming, or flooding will be deleted without notice.

The following list of guidelines is not exhaustive, but is meant to be a launching point for the debates and discussions in this forum.
  • Topics of any subject are welcome as long as they are intended to be debated per the rules of this forum.
  • Discussions may run the entire course of interest of their contributors, but the owner (original poster) may request their topic to be locked or deleted at any point. Such requests should be made to the site administrators.
    -- When participating in debates/discussions:
  • Be precise as you can in presenting your arguements. This will reduce the possibility of misinterpretation of your comments and statements.
  • Avoid generalizations in that they are rarely true. Use of stereotypes and cliches do not advance the arguement nor do they lend credibiilty to the poster of such.
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion. Clearly state whether a comment is an opinion. If you are quoting fact, cite the source when possible.
  • Present your arguements logically. Critical analysis is a plus in any discussion. Confine your arguements to the topic at hand, and do not attack the messenger. Make no assumptions about claims that are popular or supported by the masses. They may not be valid.

Useful soruce material:
LOGICAL DEBATE: ... troduction
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