Can you all help me?

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What gender is the main character?

doesn't have a gender
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Can you all help me?

Post by Silke » Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:04 am

I have a little test here. I've written a small text (actually just something that happens in the middle of a story, not a complete text) where the main character has no known gender. What I want to do is that you read the text and then answer to what gender the main character has. If you want to say why, then that is fine. Please answer before you read what the others have answered, as reading others responses might cloud your own first impression. ready?


I sat there as silent as could be. The damp air chilled my sweat body and
muscles I needed worm incase someone would find me cramped and
stiffened. I listened, but no sound made it to my ears.
I don't know how long I sat there, but when the worst of fear and
doupt left me I started to test my body again. Even at the tinyest
movement it screamed, angry at the abuse I had put it through. Slowly
control crept back into my limbs and I crawled away from my hideout.
My nightmare had begun some weeks before. Now I was running for
my life with naught but a dagger in my hand, clothes on my back and too
many worries for my taste. One of which was managing to keep out of
sight when this... curse... kept telling everyone where to find me. Aching
feet carried me away from my cave and into the forest where I belonged.
To my knowledge, at least three people were out to get me and all of
them kept minions. I hate minions. The problem with them is that unless
they are dressed in some code, you really don't know who they belong to
at all. Some of them are even as good liars as me, and though I usually
can tell a lie from truth, I can't catch them all. I might consider myself
lucky. In my area there is senven people campaining for power and
controll, most of them have their fair share of it all ready, and only three
of them wanted me. I don't know what they want me for, but so long
every interaction with any of them has led me to belive they want me
dead. I don't blame them. In their place I would like me dead as well. You
see, this curse of mine I was telling you about gives me all of this land and
people for the taking. They don't realize I don't want it.
"I've missed you." As is normal when I rant to myself, my feet
carried me too far too quickly. I turned around, dagger in hand in an
instant. There was no one there.
"You are stil not quick enugh," the voice taunted and I looked up. Daria
ofcourse, in the treetops. Always in the treetops. I put away my dagger.
"You scared me," I said, turning to walk deeper into the forest again. My
treacherous legs had brought me too close to the city. Daria jumped down
and walked with me.
"Please don't." Daria's steps hesitated abit, but didn't slow.
"You need someone to watch your back." As if I didn't know. I turned around again.
"The last two people offering to do that are both dead. One of them was
my fault. I made him crazy you know, I controlled his blade as it found his
heart. I suggest you do exactly what you offered. Watch my back; as it
goes away. I shouldn't have come here." My words were harsh, but no
less true because of it. I wanted to scare Daria away.
"You didn't do it on purpose, I know!" I smiled.
"What so? It doesn't make it better at all. If I killed my best friend on
purpose, I would just be evil. I'm not. However, that I can't control this
thing is worse, far worse. That I didn't do it on purpose only means it will
probably happen again. When I don't want it to. Probably to the wrong
people. You will die; if not by a sword or arrow, then by me." Daria turned away.
"If I stay close you will have a reason for controlling whatever it is you do.
You will learn it." Daria had always put much confidence in me, even if I
hadn't. I smiled. Gently I looked into myself, as I had done so many times
in an effort to learn to control it. The fire in my soul was there as always
these days. It facinated me, and even if far back in my mind I heared
Daria scream my name I could't take my concentration away from it.
Memories flashed through my mind from my childhood days and anger
rose. I knew I was loosing control, even if I never had held it. I started to
sing, trying with all my might to focus on the tune and slowly, slowly it
became all that mattered.
As the song died away I opened my eyes again. Daria lay at the
grownd, puffing hard, clutching her head. Eyes all wild, clothes torn to
pieces and slowly rising. I never knew what those around me saw when
the fire took over, and I never wanted to know.
"Your eyes turned black," Daria wispered silently between gasps of air.
"You can't follow me. I didn't loose it this time, and I wasn't in there for
long." Daria's shaking head kept me from going on.
"I've tried to run away from you for two hours." I was shocked and before
either of us could say another word I ran.

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Post by Silke » Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:23 pm

for those of you who have read it... would it make a diffrence if I changed the gender of the other person to how you presieved the main character?
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Post by angel » Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:42 am

the thinking logic is female.
ergo: a girl.
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Post by Silke » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:47 am

do you have some small things to change to make it a man? Give him a sword instead of a dagger? or does it need something bigger, like a whole other conversation for instance?
Superstition brings bad luck.