good films

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good films

Post by Sandra »

Thats me and my nephew watched Transformers and Simpsons the movie, both were excellent.

I wasn't too keen on watching Transformers but it was really good, me and him were at the edge of our seats lol, the special effects were amazing.

Simpsons was just mad....
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Post by Flawless »

I really wish I could see those. Me and my wife are still flat broke! A great movie I saw yesterday was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I'm thinking about getting the book the movie is based on.
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Post by Valleysailor »

I watched 'Tequila Sunrise" for the umpteenth time this weekend and enjoyed it every bit as much as every time before.
And decided to add to my DVD collection with a nice $5.00 copy of "The Thomas Crown Affair" - the new one.
Also picked up a few Santana CDs - Supernatural is awesome!!
We have a "Manifest" music store close by and I love trading CDs and DVDs for a few bucks.
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Post by Bedford »

I saw Surf's Up yesterday. It was awesome.
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Post by AJRC_CS »

I liked Die Hard 4.0, i like movies where i can just switch off my brain for two hours. Didn't think much of Transformers, my son liked it though. Loved the Simpsons, would love it if they made a Family Guy movie.
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