Code of Conduct Updates

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Code of Conduct Updates

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As we grow in numbers the interactions between our members increases in complexity. The basic assumption made by management here is that we are all adults and can respond to changing circumstances in a mature fashion. We also recognize that sometimes the rules of order enter a gray area of interpretation. That is typically when the administration steps in and makes a judgment call.

In an attempt to clarify some of the gray areas of what we expect from our members, a new section has been added to the Code of Conduct. The latest addition deals with forum etiquette. Rules of etiquette describe what is customary in a situation more so than describing what the letter of the law might be. We are of a population size now where it might be helpful for all of us to work in a common direction so that the experiences here are as pleasant as can be for everyone. The statement of etiquette in our Code of Conduct is an attempt to clarify some gray areas of interpretation as well as a reminder of what is customary behavior in a public discussion forum such as ours.

After reviewing the additions, I'm certain you will note that no basic changes in the Code of Conduct have been made. We still encourage respect for one another as the foundation for all behavior in our public forums. Being casual and friendly is our hallmark, and we certainly do not want to change that. Being flexible and responsive to our member's needs is our management style. Hopefully the clarifications of our policies will be a constructive aid in making our time here enjoyable for all.

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