Gingrich - Hypocrite or not?

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Should Newt Be President of the United States?

Why not? Clinton did worse things ...
Now way! Run the bum out of town.
What kind of name is Newt for a president?
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Gingrich - Hypocrite or not?

Post by Yogi »

You know my thoughts on this. If he is the Republican candidate of choice in 2008, his admission to infidelity isn't going to earn him any electoral votes.

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Post by Bedford »

Newt never lied under oath. I'd vote for him. Of course, since Indiana's priamries aren't intil May, I won't get a chance until November.
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Post by AJRC_CS »

I like Newt, ok stupid name, but i like him. He's a moderate who will speak to the majority of people not just one group of extremists. Gulliani and Gingrich would both have my votes if Obama wasn't such a good candidate.

At least he's coming clean about his affair, it wasn't really a secret, but at least it's good for a politician to air his dirty laundry when running for office. But most will still remember his smug hypocritical face when accusing Clinton and all the while he was having an extra marital affair with Callista Bisek. But what do you expect from a politician?
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