Vicious Circle?

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Vicious Circle?

Post by bermbits »

"Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong." Richard Armour.

I agree with this quote, however, when we get into right and wrong, I suspect we go right back to right and left.

What say you?
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Post by Yogi »

My first instinct is to say that my government has no authority to tell me what is right or wrong from a moral point of view.

The concept of right and left politics is essentially one of platform, which presumably adheres to all that is morally correct. What I see happening today in America is a near total disregard for middle and lower class people, and a strong emphasis on corporate and economic interests. On the one had it has made us the strongest nation on the planet, while on the other hand I am suffering the injustices imposed upon the middle class. This seems like a moral dilemma for which I have no answer.
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Post by AJRC_CS »

Do politicians ever concern themselves with right and wrong? I think not. I honestly don't think morals play any part in politics. It's all about who they can screw over to make even more money, and the people they screw over are usually those weaker and poorer than themselves.

We as individuals may see beyond right vs left and concern ourselves with what is right and wrong, but a politician never will.
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