Record opium crop in southern Afghanistan

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Record opium crop in southern Afghanistan

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My first instinct was to give President Bush the credit for this statistic. Upon reading into it further, the Brits are actually more responsible than anyone. On third thought, the solutions that were not applied seems like the right thing not to do. We cannot simply eradicate the peasants' source of income and expect them to love us for it.
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I think the troops have a hard enough time with the Taliban than worrying about poppy crops. But it does seem strange that nothing has been done before now. Why haven't the peasant farmers been given other crops to grow? Probably because they make the most money from selling their poppy crops to Pakistan!
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what else are they supposed to do for money and caring for their families? it's not like we went over there and creating real farming jobs and the ability to have a good life for those people.
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