Climate Change - the Implications

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Climate Change - the Implications

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We are no longer arguing over the reality of climate change, but rather, its potential consequences. According to one emerging “conventional wisdom,” climate change will lead to international and civil wars, a rise in the number of failed states, terrorism, crime, and a stampede of migration toward developed countries. ... ry_id=3922

The bottom line of this article seems to be that it's going to be a fight for resources. As the climate changes and people start migrating away from disaster to the more developed places on earth, it will be a free for all over who controls the limited resources. This puts is all back into the hands of the powers that be in politics. We can survive global warming if our leaders don't kill us in the process.
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The nations who have the best and most economical alternative energy will rule the world when the natural resources inevitably run out. But until then there will be mass bloodshed to control the limited resources we have left.
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