Observations of PITA #8

If they swim, slither, prance, fly or just sleep on the couch with you, this is where you can tell us about your pets.
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Observations of PITA #8

Post by mdkilmer »

On buying playthings for cats:

I bought a toy for Pita. It's a little over a foot in diameter. It has an ersatz mousie that runs around the inside of the rim when you nudge it. It's really cute; the mousie runs under coverings and back into the open so the cat can see it tearing around in the circle, obviously trying to get away. I was told that this is THE toy for cats. My son bought one and said his cat plays with it all the time.

Pita's reaction? Intense, focused interest. (Yay!) She batted that mouse around and reached underneath the coverings to knock it around. She laid down and pushed it. She crept around the thing, trying to surprise the mouse...

For about two minutes. Then she wandered away and, as far as I've seen, has only given the thing a few lackluster pokes since.

It's the same thing with everything I get her to pique her interest-- toys that bounce or roll, gadgets on strings that bounce up and down or run across the floor, things she can tangle... everything. I even tied one ball to the string on a helium balloon and pushed it around so that it bumped her every time I pushed the balloon across the room. Her response: she yawned hugely, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. I had obviously tired her out with all my hard work.

Today she came bounding out of the bedroom. Hair all sticking out, jumping sideways, making 'blerping' sounds, and rolling across the floor, paws batting something. She spent 15 minutes with whatever it was she had, completely enthralled with it. She knocked it through the dining room, into and out of the kitchen, and across the living room-- all at speeds approaching 100 mph.

When she finally let go of this marvelous device, I checked it out. It was two of those flat closure tabs that come on bread bags, interlocked. I don't even know where she found them. This was sooo much more interesting and fun than anything I've ever gotten her.

So, what expensive toy have you gotten your pet that (s)he doesn't play with? And what does (s)he play with, really?
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Post by StVandal »

One of my ex's cats was exactly like that. He had absolutely no interest in anything you'd buy him (aside from catnip and food). You know those little plastic rings you have to tear off a gallon of milk in order to twist off the cap the first time you open it?
Yeah.. he loved those. You couldn't part him with one once he found it.
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Post by chicklin »

This sounds like when you buy a child an interesting toy and they take it out and play with the box! :lol:

I once got my dog a puzzle cube which was made of hard plastic and it had a couple of small holes in the sides. The idea of this was that you filled it with dry dog food which he could get out by constantly chasing the cube around and turning it over and this would cause the dog food to work its way around the maze inside and occasionally fall out through the holes......Well! this was ok except I'd forgotten to take into account that he was an English Bull Terrier and they tend to throw everything into everything they do......
So about 5 minutes after I gave it to him I had to take it off him again!! He nearly wrecked the house with it!!!
He bashed it against the walls and the furniture with such force, he was knocking paint off and denting things!!
It was nothing like the sedate way the dog on the advert did it!
He just went at it like the proverbial Bull (terrier) in a china shop!! :lol:

So that was a complete waste of money - ok for a more delicate dog, but not for a BT - unless you had a big garden - which i didn't....
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Post by Makinamess »

My two cats had all sorts of goodies and toys - mouse shaped, filled with catnip, balls etc etc and you say, they soon lost interest. However the eldest would go absolutely bonkers if he saw one of *his wires* anywhere (the little strips of paper covered wire that are used to tie up bin bags), especially if they were first wrapped around my finger to form a spiral. The younger cat had a bit of a fetish for little pieces of aluminium foil rolled up in a ball. She would spend the whole night playing with it - carrying it to the top of the stairs in her mouth and then letting it drop over the banister rail to the hall floor (tiled) below. She would hurtle down the stairs and *chase* the ball around the tiled hallway, occasionally whacking it into another room or under a piece of furniture. When she got bored doing that (like many hours later) she'd decide that I had to join in the fun and she would sit on my chest whilst I was fast asleep and cry until I woke up. She'd then drop the ball on me, hoping I would fling it across the bedrom for her to chase...... Not surprisingly, I soon took to securing the pair of them downstairs so that I could get some sleep. When my younger cat had kittens, even the kittens took to playing with (and hiding) ordinary domestic items - king size papers, combs, pencils, my pills, sticks and leaves - one of them was most impressed with himself when he managed to hunt down and drag through the cat flap a large earthworm !

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Post by meadow »

i love PITA that's awesome. i don't really know any cats that don't end up loving little random pieces of plastic that normally would be trash. my ex's kittie loved the milk things and the bread ones too. he was a total fatty lump though so getting him to play at all was monumental effort.

you should take pictures next time!
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Post by Valleysailor »

Well, GiGi has more toys than most kids in my neighborhood. She doesn't have any really expensive toys, but lots and lots of dollar store squeaky toys. She is very possessive with her toys and when I come home with something new for her, she KNOWS if I ask "have you been a good girl?" that she is getting ready to get something new and she will do a little happy dance. She will take her new toy off somewhere and roll around on it for a minute or two, so it has her smell on it, then she will proceed to shake it repeatedly, then she will poke it with her nose to find the squeaker. She doesn't bite her toys like most dogs, but pokes it with her nose to make it squeak. She will retain interest in a new toy for quite sometime. The Christmas penquin is still a favorite, but the newest, the red furry MilkBone, has been getting alot of attention lately. Of course, she has two little boys, real live human little boys, living in the house for the next two weeks, so they have kind of replaced her need for toy stimulation.
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Post by pilvikki »

our blind, tail-less and clawless kitty hunts mostly socks. he drags it across the house and announces his victory over laundry loudly as he drags it along. he brings it up to you and patiently awaits a reward.

any "normal" toys are totally lost on him, even if they make bell sounds, are soft or sit in the christmas tree.
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