Observations of PITA 1

If they swim, slither, prance, fly or just sleep on the couch with you, this is where you can tell us about your pets.
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Observations of PITA 1

Post by mdkilmer »

P.I.T.A. is my cat-- gray with black Tiger markings.

My latest observation of her is this: animals can indeed think and bind time. (One of the manifestations ofime binding is the ability to possible consequences of what's happing now or before.)

PITA is not allowed on the table. she is well aware of this and will normally not jump on it. Up on a chair, yes. To the table top, no.

Tonight at dinner her curiousity got the better of her. She had to see what I was eating. She jumped from "her" chair to the tabletop and tiptoed to me. I yelled "Down!" and she jumped backwards, took a careful look at me, came back a couple of steps, and quite deliberately lapped my milk-- twice. She then turned and desperately clawed for traction (my table is VERY highly polished). She half-slid off the table, hit the floor running, and flew into the bedroom and hid under the bed.

I reason thusly-- she knew that she had done wrong, knew that she was in trouble, and made an instant decision that, if she was going to be killed, she might as well be killed for a second offence.

This was an unusual action on her part. Usually, when yelled at, she comes over to me and jumps on my lap. She sticks her nose up and rubs mine. She purrs. She reminds me that she is my most favorite kittycat in the whole world and would never do anything to offend me. That she's a good girl. So far, this has worked.

However... this shows that she has the ability to reason. She knew that she had done something very wrong and that her usual tactic would not work. That she really didn't to be within my reach.

Do you agree that this is direct, unarguable evidence of reason?

Do you have any similar story of a pet's intelligence?

PS. No, I didn't kill her. She's presently lyng on my lap (alive) with one paw on my keyboard drawer and the other three sticking out at odd angles.
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Post by pilvikki »

i was not sure if this was an animal rights or an eastern lunch post...

we used to have a cat who also knew that the table was off limits. we'd pull into the driveway and see Buiddy on the table, sound asleep. yet when we came inside, there was no cat to be seen. ever.

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Post by meadow »

ah! an oldie discovered! i <3 PITA!
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