Kite Flying

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Kite Flying

Post by Yogi »

When did you do it last?

Did you make your own, or was it store bought?

Here are some DIY instructions if you are interested:
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Post by ohlia »

I’ve never bought a kite or owned a ready made one. Reminiscing, I, we, my siblings and friends always made our own kites then. Oh the fun we had!
We never had store-bought glue to stick the kites either; we made glue from flour and water. Sometimes brown paper was used or a combination of assorted colours of kite paper and brown paper were used to make our kites. And for the kites tails we used scraps of left over cloth from mum's sewing.
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Post by meadow »

we were in San Francisco in Chinatown and bought one at a little store. then we went to Chrissy Field and flew them out for a few hours. it was a nice day, luckily, since the Bay Area is notorious for rain and fog even in the summer!
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Post by Mads »

I had a few kites as a kid, and my daughter bought one for me a few months ago. We've had some great fun flying it. On a good day there are loads of people around doing exactly the same. I've noticed that it's usually fathers and sons though.
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Post by emanresu »

It must be a lot of fun, nearly everybody I meet these days tells me to go fly one. Seriously, although it's been decades, I can still remember unfurling the string (usually 2 or 3 rolls tied together) and letting it out until the kite was just a speck in the sky. I can also remember reeling a kiteless string back over acres of landscape as I wondered where the money was coming from for my next kite.
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Post by Sandra »

I love kite flying. I got my nephew a kite for his birthday last year and we had loads of fun with it. Here in windy/rainy Scotland we get loads of good kite days. :D