25 bottles of Nyquil

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25 bottles of Nyquil

Post by Makinamess »

You will recall that a certain very evil lady taught me about the six word story - well, here's what she's just found:-

http://www.violentacres.com/archives/19 ... -of-nyquil

I am laughing so much I am a bit wet....... :oops:

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Post by Rusty »

That was excellent and what a laugh! :biggrin:

I think that I may play...
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Post by ohlia »

Hehe! What an interesting character she is :lol: I bookmarked the page for when I have time to see what other outrageous stuff she's been up to. :biggrin:
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Post by pilvikki »

she's waaay crazier than i am. perhaps not "was", but am.

darn. i need to mend my ways.
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Post by Bedford »

NyQuil is excellent stuff, although it does have certain tendencies akin to saltpeter.
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