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Re: Smoking

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cbw wrote:Im currently on day 4 of no smoking and bloody hell am i vile :lol:
going cold turkey hasnt been the brightest idea ive ever had thats for sure but i will do this if not for me but for millie.

Have you ever tried or managed to stop smoking?
Any words of advice??
Anyone wanna pick a fight with a depraved nicotine addict lol (joke)
I've tried and tried with no luck. Did you mange to stop?

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i seem to be doing ok. well, at least i think i am. :tongue:
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well, my only advice is to keep at it and do what you can. find things you can do to keep your hands busy!

my mother died of smoking related lung cancer 5 years ago. she was an utterly unapolgetic smoker! she LOVED smoking! her was her "thing" besides the ever present cup of coffee. when she got put in the damn hospital...that's when she finally had enough and quit. it took her LUNG COLLAPSING FROM TUMORS for her to quit.

please, don't be like that. :) now, my mother was no saint or martyr for the cause. she continued to smoke knowing EXACTLY what the risks were. she was a drug education counselor! [*LOL*] but she smokes for 40 years.

if there is one thing i can say to help you, to sway you even to scare you just a smidgen is this:

my life without my mother is horrible. i miss her more every single day. watching my beloved, good hearted mom die slowly from a cancer that stole her breath?

wouldn't wish that on my "worst enemy". i would never want anyone else to see what i saw with my mother getting sick and then dying. she died from smoking!

she never complained though. she knew it was her own fault and she never tried to get sympathy, pity or make anyone feel sorry for her. ever. even hooked up in the mother would still state in cheery voice "i'm feeling better today!" when asked how she was!!!

so for the sake of your lovely daughter, keep it up. she'll thank you in about 28 years or so. my mom was only 55 and i was 30. it's far too young to lose your mom at that age!!!

but if you need the patches, gum or hypnosis- GO FOR IT! give it all a shot because i know breaking the nicotine addcition is tougher than any other drug on the planet including heroin.

good luck. :)
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