TRIVIA FOR THE DAY ***** # 71103.

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TRIVIA FOR THE DAY ***** # 71103.

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Russia's President


1. Who is the current president of Russia?

2. What Biblical son killed his brother?

3. Name the famed woman accused of killing both her father and stepmother with an ax. She became a legend and was acquitted of murder charges, but generally considered guilty.

4. "'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read." Who said it: a) Ernest Hemingway; b) Oliver Wendell Holmes; c) George Bernard Shaw; or d) Mark Twain?

5. Where does the president generally participate in special memorial services each year on Veteran's Day?

6. Name the longest-running continuous democratic body in world history.

7. Marion Morrison was a star football player at USC. What name did he later take for his showbiz career?

8. One performer who appeared in several films with John Wayne originally bore the name of Maureen Fitzsimons. What was that star's stage name?

9. We often hear mention of the two states that moved the nation up to become a 50-state body. Name them.

10. We don't often hear mention of what state was the one that made the country a nation of 48 states. What was the 48th state of the Union?


1. Vladimir V. Putin has been Russia's president since May 2000.

2. Cain, the oldest son, killed his younger brother, Abel.

3. The woman believed to be guilty, but declared innocent, was Lizzie Borden (1860-1927).

4. d) Mark Twain.

5. It's most common for the president to take part in the memorial services at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

6. Having begun in Jamestown in 1619, then moved to Williamsburg, then on to Richmond in the ongoing colony and commonwealth of Virginia, Lt. Col. Frank Thompson (USAF-Ret.), a Charleston, S.C., Answer Man-er, tells us this is the world's longest-running democratic body.

7. Dundee, N.Y., Answer Man-er John D. Seymour tells us that Morrison's stage and screen name was John Wayne.

8. Fitzsimons was Maureen O'Hara.

9. Alaska was the 49th state and Hawaii was the 50th.

10. Arizona was the 48th star on the flag.