How To Create High Conversion Lead Capture Pages.

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How To Create High Conversion Lead Capture Pages.

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How To Create High Conversion Lead Capture Pages

By Gabriel Aguinaga

In today's competitive marketing arena, it pays to have an edge. Any business, big or small must be absolutely committed to obtaining a fresh flow of exclusive, interested and responsive leads.

In order to remain competitive in the highly sophisticated and intensely competitive Internet Marketing Niche, savvy entrepreneurs must rely on a dedicated networking scheme. One of the most successful ways to garner a piece of the market is through a lead capture page (sometimes referred to as a squeeze pages).

Lead pages are one-page web sites designed to provide only enough information to attract a users attention, arouse their curiosity and inspire them to opt in to your designated opportunity.

Effective lead capture pages can be built with relative ease and their primary function is to highlight the benefits of your offer, provide an online information form that interested parties fill in and allow you permission to contact them directly with subsequent information. In the industry, this is referred to as an opt-in lead.

You may be asking, why should I bother with constructing and maintaining a one page website whose only purpose is to give users the option of continuing or not continuing with their search? Extensive Market Research has proven what Internet Marketers have known for ages, Users do not always commit to a product or service in their first encounter online. Therefore, providing just enough titillating information on your lead page to pique additional interest will often inspire users to request supplementary information.

Creating lead capture pages from scratch is not hard, but there are several tried and true components that are essential in your design:

Your lead page must contain a synopsis of the most pertinent information relative to your product, while having enough pizzazz to grasp a readers attention.

Bulleted points extolling the benefits of the next click (either by use of a proceed, continue or submit button) will serve to whet a users curiosity, thus bringing the desired traffic to your site.

Employing an auto-responders function is essential at this point in order to expedite immediate response. The follow-up e-mail should be comprised of interesting and compelling data about your product and/or service and should be designed to make YOUR product or group stand out from the crowd, thus generating business back to you.

Easy to use software is available to assist first-time marketers in their production of lead pages that look professional and personalized. Your primary goal is to develop a positive rapport with potential clients, so providing some insightful, personal information about yourself, such as your pets, hobbies, family, etc., can create an aura of bonding with the reader.

Establishing this type of mutuality with the reader intimates that you are a person who is likeable, friendly and able to be trusted, which, in turn, can go a long way in swaying a reluctant buyer over to your side.

Once a visitor provides their contact information, you will immediately receive it. You can then employ your marketing skills to their maximum via email or telephone, where you now have a prime opportunity to promote your particular offer.

As a marketing tool, the lead page performs as a multi-tasking agent for your company. It serves to entice prospective buyers, allows you to elaborate on your product and provides you with information on who visits your affiliate site. Most importantly, you will now have legitimate contact information, which can be used to communicate directly with your intended clients.

About The Author:
Gabriel Aguinaga is a professional online marketer and the owner of a very popular website, To grab a free list-building course or to grab a copy of his famous lead capture page creator software, visit: