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A Tool Bar

Post by Damsel »

Hi...I think the thing on the top is a toolbar? With all the little buttons you can push to navigate the Internet...

What kind of toolbar should my new laptop computer have? Which one is the best? The current one is saving words I type in and although I am the sole user of the computer, I don't want that info saved.

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Post by Yogi »

The only toolbar I use is the one that came with my browsers. I might make an exception and recommend the Google toolbar if you use Internet Explorer. The Google Toolbar can be set to stop pop-up ads. Most versions of IE can't do that. Anything that captures my keystrokes is considered spyware, and I'd nver use it.
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Post by Bedford »

I like Yahoo's toolbar, because of its anti-spy function. As I use Firefox, I don't need Google's to block pop ups
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Post by KIDD »

I'm using FF now that I've got the hang of it (except aspell for spell checking) I use the google for FF it some nice features and it has spell check.