Protecting Your E-Mail Address

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Protecting Your E-Mail Address

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If you are a blogger or frequently post on message boards, be sure to use caution when posting your email address. Many of us already have a “junk” email which we use to register for sites and such, however posting this email address further clutters a (probably) already cluttered inbox.

Instead of using a junk account, consider “masking” your email when you post it. For example, use:


This way, an email harvester program wouldn’t pick up a valid email, but a real user would know to remove the text “REMOVE” dropped on to the end. Of course any variation would work, but taking a small step like this can go a long way to helping prevent spam.
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Post by kg5uc »

That's an old trick I learned <i>way back!</i> The way I learned it was "myemail@mydomain.comNOSPAM"
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Post by skin »

A little addition here.

Crawlers nowadays are clever enough to remove such additions to email addresses (regardless if nospam etc is added to the end or in the middle). Allthough this trick might still work in some instances, it probably won't in a lot of other instances.

Best practise obviously being not posting your email addy at all, however sometimes one cannot avoid that.

I'd advise using not your regular email address, bit get one of the free ones. Gmail is highly recommened because it also comes with a very good spam filter.
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Post by pilvikki »

i use gmail for the occasions i have to put a valid one down. actually, i would use it more if it would be kind enough to import my addresses, which i don't want to be typing in individually.

mind you, had i started with 1 per day, i'd be done now. hm...
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Post by meadow »

gmail is my only real email address and i love gmail. it's spam filter is phenomenal and second to none. and it's FREE! which is the best part of all.

i've never liked having any of the email addresses associated with whatever online service you pay for. i've never had as much spam and crap as i did with the brief flirtation with those sorts of email addys. and i had the spam filters and all.

gmail is truly an excellent email program. and the google homepage is full of fun things you can add on and customize. i love that!
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