Gunk in your keyboard

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Gunk in your keyboard

Post by Yogi »

How often do you clean your computer keyboard? How much gunk came out of it the last time you tried?
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Post by lagzilla »

i have never tried but i have an old keyboard that i have had since i was quite young i think grade 2 or so that the keys are so dirty you can't see the letters
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Post by meadow »

i wipe my keyboard down at least 2-3 times a week. usually when my computer freezes up and i just turn it off. i take that few minutes to wipe it with an alcohol based cleaner. about once a month i turn it over and shake it out. but i try to not eat at the computer because it's so easy to spill something everywhere. i'm clumsy!
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Post by ohlia »

I use Air Duster Blast Away Dust. It comes in a can and does a great job, and is especially good and handy to cleaning the various ports.
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