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A reminder for those who think that they are poor, and a gift for those who know that they are wealthy in all the ways that count.

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The short version is to count your blessings not your burdens.
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what of those of us who are poor and don't EVER forget the downtrodden amongst us? i might be poor but that doesn't equate me with ungrateful!!!!! i've never been ungrateful for the little i do have in my life. i ain't got much but i got something. i don't ever forget who i am, where i came from and the struggle that brought me here to my life this very day. i don't forget the homeless, the AIDS epidemic, the starvation, the war torn, poverty stricken or displaced human being on any day.

i'm not starting some argument or whatever you imagine so i'm clearing that up right now. i'm just stating that some of us are extremely and very aware that in spite of being "poor" we know where we are and there are millions that are poorer than us. it's not a contest. i'm poor, period. it's not who's more poor. i'm just poor. poor doesn't equal ungrateful is what i'm saying.
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