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I'm Tyler

Post by tytanic11 »

Some of you probably remember me from AIH.. I was tytanic11 there as well. I've been talking to a few guys from AIH on aim in the past few months; but I've lost touch with alot of the people from there- it appears alot of you have found your way to this site. I'm 16 now, in 10th grade.. I really don't know what to say.. I run a few websites; I'm really into photography, school's going good, life is good in general..

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Re: I'm Tyler

Post by Yogi »

It's good to see you here Tyler, and hopefully you will have time to visit us often.

I want to make sure that everyone here knows that Tyler is the webmaster of Boys are Cool and has graciously put a link to Brianformation in his forum. We have a reciprocal link in our Brainformaton News section, but you can just click the following link directly to see what BAC is all about: http://boysarecool.net/index.php
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Post by Rusty »

Welcome Tyler and I do remember you from AIH.My user name was iceberg on there.
I look forward to seeing some of your photography on here.We have a photography forum in which I have posted quite a few pics of my own.
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Post by Bedford »

Welcome to BF.
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Post by mdkilmer »

Hiya, Tyler.

Yeah, this is where lots of the more reasonable people have migrated to. Of course, Yogi came, too. *grin*
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Post by StVandal »

Heya. I was on the AIH too, but I think I may have stopped going there after you started. Cheers, and welcome here.
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