Good morning, or whatever applies where you are

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Good morning, or whatever applies where you are

Post by rabet »

Hello! This looks like a good place for shellshocked ABers and displaced Froggers.

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Post by whiffey »

Hello, good, you got here !

There are smileys, but not quite as many LOL :shock:
I am reading that it rains a lot in Scotland

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Post by StVandal »

Hiya! :welcome:
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Post by Yogi »

Good morning rabet. Being shell shocked is not a requirement for membership here, however, it does add to the character of the site. We take pride in being able to serve as a way station for weary travelers down the Information Highway. Hopefully we can satisfy your need . If not, just join in the on going riot with the rest of the folks :biggrin:
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Post by mdkilmer »

Please ignore whatever it is that that Yogi guy tried to say.

You're welcome here. Jump in and join the party. The first round of drinks is on you. :)
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Post by Bedford »

Make mine a Coca-Cola then. :biggrin:

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Post by rabet »

Thanks to all for the welcome.

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Post by legend »

Hi rabet how you doin .Welcome to the madhouse.

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Post by ohlia »

Hello and :welcome: Rabet
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Post by pilvikki »

hmm... i used to be a Hare....

anyway, pull up a couch and get comfy!

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Post by Makinamess »

Welcome rabet -now that is an unusual name - how did you decide on it ?

Edit - I've just spotted that you are from Sheffield hehe - do you know the Leadmill ?


Post by rabet »

Hi Makinamess; Yes , I know the Leadmill, but I've never been there. I actually live in a small village some miles from Sheffield and very seldom go into the city.

As for the name, it's simply a combination of initials and part of my surname.

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Post by brandtrn »

Hi, and :welcome:
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Post by Sarah »

Hellooo and welcome!
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Post by AJRC_CS »

:welcome: rabet, hope you enjoy your time here.
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Post by haysi »

Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rabet :lol:

Good to see you Sir

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Post by rabet »

Cheers all!

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Post by bermbits »

"Veritas et probitas super omnia."

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Post by Rusty »

Hi and welcome. :D
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Post by Drisgirl »

Hi Rabet -Guess who - lol

Rabet has possibly just gone aww no :roll: