Dean Koontz "Velocity"

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Dean Koontz "Velocity"

Post by Imbizze »

I love Dean Koontz novels. A new one was released today, "Velocity". I might get it toninght or tomorrow. Yay!

Will any of you get this book?

He has another one coming out in November, I think. Its called "Forever Odd" .

His books are good stuff!

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Post by Cats eye »

Koontz fan, here.
Yes, I am sure that I'll grab that one.
But when my kids want to get my something for a birthday or X-mas present, for Mom, I leave that open for them to get paperbacks. Easy on them (Dad), inexpensive and I am thrilled.

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Post by solana »

i think Forever Odd is going to be about Odd Thomas... , he once said that Odd Thomas was a favorite character.. and it was a really good book..

I never buy Koontz.. but I often read him.. my brother in law shares..

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Post by bermbits »

I will get it! I have read virtually everything by him and even briefly corresponded with him. Unfortunately, I don't remember deatils - I am either losing it or I have read too many Koontz books. He's one of my top five favorites!
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Post by Cats eye »

Fan or fanatic, you decide. :wink: :wink:
I made this list up to keep track of what I already have, I have so many of his books.

By The Light Of The Moon *
Cold Fire
Dark Rivers Of The Heart
Dragon Tears
False Memory
Fear Nothing
From The Corner Of His Eye *
Hideaway **
Ice Bound
Intensity *
Life Expectancy *
Lightening **
Mr. Murder
Night Chills **
Odd Thomas *
One Door Away from Heaven
Shadow Fires
Shattered 1
Sieze The Night
Soul Survivor *
Strange Highways
Strangers *
Ticktock **
Twilight Eyes **
Velocity *
Watchers 3 **
Whispers 2
Winter Moon
The Bad Place **
The Eyes Of Darkness
The Face
The Face of Fear
The Funhouse **
The House Of Thunder
The Key To Midnight
The Mask **
The Servants of Twilight **
The Taking *
The Vision *
The Voice of the Night

* books I own
** have read