Top 10 Future Places to Visit

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And being a penguin, I tend to prefer the opposite. :biggrin:
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i abhor cold, snow, rain, sleet or any and all types of weather in between. and i can't stand wind too! ugh!

give me hot, sunny, blue skies every day at about 80 degrees. heaven!
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well babe hop the red eye to london,then over to tenerife.
off the nort west coast of africa.
its cold now its winter .
23 degrees day time.
18/19 at night.
sunny and a lovely island with a fantastic park with the worlds 3rd biggest volcano and also its the place they filmed the 10 commandments and some planet of the apes .
they also tested the rover robot for the mars missions here,yes thats the us,as the top of mount teide is verey mars like.
and drinks cheap toooooooo

i got a nice little studio cathy :wink:
pm me anytime babe
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