Code of Conduct Updates, etc

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Code of Conduct Updates, etc

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Our code of conduct has been slightly modified today. Please take the time to read it: ... php?t=5518

The main revision was the addition of section 4 under the heading of WE EXPECT OUR MEMBERS TO:. This addition explicitly spells out a need for us all to adhere to copyright laws and to obtain permission in advance if you choose to publish such material here on Brainformation. We will ask you to provide such proof if we determine copyrighted material has been posted.

I have also removed the Adult Content forum from public view. Only registered members may now view that forum. There is no formal age restriction to membership here at Brainformation, but we strongly encourage that you be age 18 or older to participate in our forums. This is a rule in fact if you want to view the Adult Content forum.

To answer any unasked questions in advance, no, we have not been cited by anyone for violations of laws or contractual agreements. All the above was written into our policies from the beginning, but now it is more clearly stated.