Are You a Romantic or a Realist?

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Are You a Romantic or a Realist?

Post by Sandra »

Do you let romance rule your life, or do you remain level-headed?

I'm very much a romantic :biggrin:

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Post by bea »

dunno :biggrin:
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Post by Makinamess »

Well, I've heard of this romance stuff..... but there is no way anyone could call me level-headed (bonkers, yes, level-headed, nope) :biggrin:

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Post by StVandal »

Keeping a foot in reality really does a lot to keep you from getting too hurt.
It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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Post by pilvikki »

the trick is how to keep that foot in reality....
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Post by Bedford »

As a Pisces, I am a hopeless romantic.
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Post by Silke »

I'm abit of both actually... can be romantic as long as I don't see a reason not to, but I'm far too realistic for my own good!
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Post by legend »

romantic for my sins.

cause of all my happiness.
cause of all my woes.

lifes great till it goes wrong lol :biggrin:
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Post by haysi »

I am an old romantic.

Some call me soppy :biggrin:
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Post by Lore »

I'm guilty of being a romantic. :oops:
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