Just in case

We encourage our members to post bra information herein, but I don't want to get busted for false advertising. My apologies to the web surfers who thought this forum is about something else.
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Just in case

Post by Cats eye »

Just in case you didn't know, here is a how to on...
How To Remove a Bra (video)


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Post by StVandal »

Amateur business.
I like using my tongue. :wink:
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Post by bea »

I want to try Vandals method!
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Post by Makinamess »

I think I'd like some nice fella to try St Vandal's method on me ..... :biggrin:

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Post by Sarah »

that is ridiculous.

messy, let's go on a search, shall we?
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Post by pilvikki »

funny, that's not how i undo mine one-handed...
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Post by spithray »

His technique is lame. I bet he can't do it with his other hand. And what if the clasp goes the other way round? I can do either with either. :woot:
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Post by ohlia »

I don't know ... his method looks like you might get pinched.
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Post by Silke »

seemed kind of pinchy, yes.... I don´t like getting pinched.

hey, vandal? tell me more about that tecnuice of yours... :wink:
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