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Hello All I just want to tell you all a little about myself..

My name is Debbie I am married 33 years .. whew! I have two wonderful grown children both newly married..

I LOVE to cook and I am pretty good at it.. I make a awesome,wicked meatball and my sauce it yummy.
did I mention that I am very humble too...

I love to read .. I mostly like a light read I have tons of Christian fiction series you know the kind 4 or 5 good friends looking out for each other .. One small town lots of town get together's.. love that kind of book

I work part time in a day care .. I love the kids .. most days I am in the Baby room or pre-school ..

I am up front and honest sometime too honest I guess.. If asked a question I don't give a Blah Blah! sugar answer I will give my opinion I don't expect every one to like it but that is who I am .. I wont agree with you just to make nice .. on the other hand I wont disagree with you just to fight..

I stand by my family and friends.. I smile a lot .. I am a rotten speller and I sometime use the wrong word. :D

Hello to all.. I know I am going to like it here. :D :D

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HI. Nice to see you here.
Are we there yet?

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Post by sassie »

Thank you emanresu nice to meet you.. :D

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hello and welcome
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Hello indeed. Your avatar is excellent. :D
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Post by Sandra »

Welcome sassie, nice introduction :D

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Hi Debbie
Welcome to Brainformation. Thank you for letting us know a little bit about yourself. It's always interesting discovering who our new members are. I think you will find a home here, and if there is anything I can do to help, just message me. :D
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:welcome: Sassie! You will love it here. :)
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Hi, and :welcome:
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Hiya Sassie and welcome to this mad place, hehe. We have a wonderful thread going in the Food Section (Messy Surprise Cookbook) with our favourite recipes - so please feel free to add your unhumble meatballs and sauce dish - with pictures if you can :) This lot probably need a bit of meat now ...... :biggrin:

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If you have any recipes on how to cook penguin, PLEASE post them.

:biggrin: :biggrin:
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Post by Sarah »

Nice to meet you!
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Post by Bedford »

Welcome from the penguin contingent here. :welcome:

Now pardon us while we slap someone who's asking about cooking penguins. :smack:
:teach: The Professor Penguin of Brainformation :GF:

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i'm with Marv. cause i want to see somebody, anybody try to bitch slap Marv with PITA around! :biggrin: not to mention try to bitch slap me. ahahha!

and hello! hope you like 'round these parts!
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Post by sassie »

Oh my goodness everyone thank you so much for the welcome.. :D

bea,...Hi... thanks you..
spithray... Hi thanks I thought it was really cute too ...
Sandra... Hello . very cute baby
Yogi.. Hi and thanks I sure will...
ohlia... I am sure I will everyone is so nice here...
brandtrn...Thanks and Hi
Makinamess.. Hello and I saw the thread on cooking and an anxious to add to it.. it is one of the reasons i am here I loved that thread..
mdkilmer Hi there.. sorry no penguin recipes yet.. hummm boiled maybe??
Sarah.. Hello nice to meet you too..
Bedford.. Hi.. woops sorry about the boiled thing.. lol
meadow Hi .. no bitch slapping yet ... give me a few days.. :)

Thank you all again for the wonderful welcome.... :biggrin:

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I add my :welcome: as well. Yogi has a wonderful little place here where all are welcome and made to feel so! Friends are plentiful and always ready to help out. Hope you enjoy it here!
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Post by sassie »

Valleysailor.. Hello + thank you... :D You are right it is a very nice place to be.. I am happy to be here..

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Hello sassie, nice to 'meet' you :D

I am the quiet one.

H xx
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Post by sassie »

Hello haysi... Very nice to meet you too...
Quiet one huh... :lol: I never shut up..

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Hi sassie and welcome. :D

I`ve just got back from my hols so a bit late with this welcome.
It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.