The Mosh Pit

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The Mosh Pit

Post by Makinamess »

OK, I'm watching Rod the Mod on tv (The Princes Trust Concert for Diana) and am a bit gobsmacked at just how well behaved the audience all are ! They are all standing around, giving each other loads of room, no pushing and shoving and defo no mosh pit - wtf ??? I reckon they could have all got a bit closer to the front and had loads more fun.... security issues I guess... :confused: Mind, it's lovely to see younger folk getting off on an old codger like Rod hehe

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Post by bea »

the gig me and the spith were at this evening had a extensive pit. Me and spith didn't venture in though cos our knees had swelled up (OAP's coming through) from standing so long (and they lock u in the venue so i couldn't have a tab for 3 hours therefore if i'd gone into said pit i think i may have killed some people). It totally rawked though. OI OI OI!

Ps. how could one mosh to Rod? it doesn't seem possible
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Post by spithray »

1... 2... 1, 2, 1234! *spithray wades in backwards with elbows raised.*
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