now what?

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now what?

Post by pilvikki »

something is screwed up with my setting for so many times i go to listen to something on youtube f. ex and the wee indicator on loading just parks its butt after about ½". if i wait a few minutes, it usually will pick it up again, but what good is that?

any suggestions? i don't want to start poking about myself, only to make it worse...
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Post by angel »

not much you can do about that i'm afraid...
it's the nature of youtube.
the best time to look at things there is when the usa is asleep, that's when traffic to there is low and the connection goes the smoothest.
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Post by Yogi »

For the most part I agree with angel. But, I got a super computer and the fastest broadband connection I could get (short of going commercial) and have not seen a slow connection to YouTube ever since. Now, when I had dial up ... :mad:
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Post by kg5uc »

Oh, curses on you, Yogi! Did you <i>have</i> to remind me about <i><b>that</b> kind</i> of connection after all these years?!

Di-di-di - di-di...dial... See? I can't even bring myself to say it! :wink:
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