Rant on its way...

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Rant on its way...

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I know that I really SHOULD be in bed right now. I just got home after working my third twelve-hour shift in a row, and I've got to go back tonight for ANOTHER 12-hour shift from Hell. Unfortunately, I'm too damned aggravated to sleep right now. I wish I could get into my frustrations at length in this entry, but somehow, I need to get at least a LITTLE bit of rest, or I'll be freaking worthless tonight. And, unfortunately, I DO have to be at least marginally alert, since tonight I'll have an orientee with me who'll be working under my license. However, I have another serious "work rant" brewing inside of me, and as soon as I have a little bit of rest, I'll be ranting a bit more in detail about the following frustrations:

1. I want to know what the Hell I ever did to my shift coordinator that makes her so routinely schedule me to work FOUR TWELVE-HOUR SHIFTS IN A ROW! Nobody else ever seems to be quite so popular or necessary to this woman...

2. The confrontation that I had on Friday night with one of the visitors on our unit. Even though it happened more than 36 hours ago, I'm still f***ing pissed off about it!

3. The extremely uncooperative patient I've been caring for for the past couple of days. For the good Lord's sake, why the f**k is anyone going to show up in the ER, allow themselves to be admitted to the hospital, and then freaking REFUSE just about every single test/procedure that the Doc has ordered? Not only that, but to treat the nurses like s**t in the bargain? If you intend to do this, the next time you get sick, you should just stay home and die already, thereby saving everybody the time, trouble, expense and aggravation of caring for your miserable, noncompliant, abusive, ungrateful ass. It's patients like these who feed the "pillow therapy" and "PRN (as needed) electro-shock" fantasies of nurses everywhere...

4. The unfortunate tendency of the bed-control bastards to place inordinately time-consuming, exceedingly nutso and demented patients with DNR (do not resuscitate) orders on the critical-care unit, taking valuable nursing resources away from patients who actually WANT to get well (and actually stand a chance of doing so). Grrrrrrr!!!

That's my list of subjects for the moment. However, they're likely to expand a bit more if I'm aggravated further tonight. Right now, I'm running on my very LAST good nerve, and somebody's likely to get on that nerve before tonight is over...anyway, this crabby old bitch is off to crawl into the bath with a double Jack and Coke. With any luck, I'll relax enough to be able to nap for a few hours...
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YAY for rants!

bring it on, sistah! but have a good, stiff drink first! :biggrin:
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i knew there was a reason i didn't want to become a nurse: smothering patients and defenestrating visitors is still frowned upon...
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