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chat room

Post by chicklin »

I realise I'm newish here still, and this has probably already been asked before - but has no-one asked for a chat type place here?

do you feel its not in keeping with the feeling of the site?

just wondered......
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Post by Yogi » ... php?t=5573

The above link is to the announcement of our version of a chat room. Much discussion was had before the forum was created, and there was about an even split for and against if I recall correctly.

The chat room was created and run for several months before I closed it due to lack of participation. I think part of the reason that happened is due to the fact that we cannot have a true chat room environment (real time responses) embedded in this board. It would have to take the appearance of just another forum but with the rules for discussion relaxed. There are off site chat rooms we could link to, but they would be totally out of the control of our direct management.

If the interest in a chat "forum" can be demonstrated again, we are always open to suggestions from our members for additional features.

This may be an appropriate time to remind all of you that new software for this forum is in development. It might, and I want to emphasize the word might, be possible to do things there that cannot be done here - such as embed a chat room into the forums.
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Post by Flawless »

That must of happend while I was inactive on the boards. I think you make some valid points on it. Maybe it should wait until we can embed a chat box into the forums or something like that.
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