volvo vs ... uhm...

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volvo vs ... uhm...

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this is the result of an accident which happened on one of the local freeways last night.
a police car ran into a guy that was driving on the freeway in the wrong direction, going against traffic. he missed one car, the police car was next in line, and the police car was not missed.

the police volvo
not much left of it.

the car of the person driving the wrong way
very little left of it.

but... even though the accident happened at full speed, meaning the point of impact was about 140 miles (240 km) an hour, the police people survived without too much damage. the driver of the police car had a broken leg.
the other person ended up the same as his car. dead.

more pictures and a video: clickety
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The occupants of the totaled car must have died on impact ... horrible accident.
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